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When we first opened our doors to customers back in 2016 we were super excited when we were approached by fashion stylist Emma Wood to use our products in editorial photoshoots. Emma has worked with magazines such as Vogue, Harpers and Queen (UK) and has had a passion for styling children’s shoots for some years now. Throughout the last few years Emma has been a big supporter of LM Bambini and has used many of our pieces for her editorial shoots.
We sat down with Emma to talk all things kid’s fashion, being a freelance stylist and motherhood. We hope you enjoy reading our interview with Emma as much as we loved doing it! She shares plenty of styling and fashion tips as well as must have wardrobe staples for your little bambini!


 Emma and her son Jack. Photography by Hayley Sparks.


“My task as a fashion stylist is to communicate fashion through images. I work closely with photographers and clients to help create imagery that tells a story and promotes a brand. 

From a young age I was passionately interested in fashion and magazines. I was an avid Barbie doll fan and was meticulous with the styling of their outfits. Having always had an eye for detail and an interest in art & creativity I travelled to London and studied a styling course at the London College of Fashion, as there were no tertiary courses available here in Australia at the time. I was able to gain work experience as a fashion assistant with Harpers & Queen Magazine (Harper’s Bazaar) at National Magazines/Hearst Publications. 

When I returned home, I was accepted to do work experience with VOGUE Australia.  After gaining exceptional experience and showing immense dedication I was employed as a Fashion Assistant and the rest was history ~ my styling career had begun!  I remained at Vogue for close to a decade working in positions like Fashion Market Editor and then finally Executive Fashion Editor.  

After leaving Vogue Australia to embark on a freelance career I continued to work styling for many brands and publications.

As a stylist I am responsible for creative consulting with clients directly and conceptualising visual briefs before undertaking the sourcing and styling of all product required to achieve final images.  Editorial styling is a little different whereby I spend time researching and identifying current trends and then creating a shoot concept with a narrative. 

I have been styling now for over 20 years and I still LOVE my job. The creative process involved in what I do gives me immense job satisfaction.”




The fashion industry can be very competitive, how did you find climbing the ladder towards your dream whilst working with VOGUE Australia?

"I always just loved fashion and what I did so much and focused on that rather than being concerned with what others were doing, which naturally saw me grow and progress within the industry. I still love meeting new designers and models and creatives in the fashion world and being genuine and respectful to everyone has always helped my career too."


What made you decide to go freelance and how is it different?

"I was looking for a change and an opportunity to work with different brands, people and subject matters which is how I came to fall in love with children styling."


Why do I enjoy kids styling more and how it is different to woman’s styling?

"I love working with children, they are so inspirational. Apart from the fun and diverse element that children bring to fashion (which can sometimes become all too serious) I particularly love how children respond to creative direction. Styling children can be quite challenging at times in comparison to adults, but I find it very rewarding. Apart from always being sensitive to the model’s age and their personal needs, sizing and fitting is always trickier as there is such a range of sizing in comparison to adult models, which tend to be mostly one sample size. Shoe sizes for children are the most challenging as there is no universal sizing guide so I am forever referring to my worldwide sizing chart!"


Favourite brands to style for kids?

- Stella McCartney Kids

- Gucci

- Burberry

- Fendi

- Lanvin

- Chloe

- Little Marc Jacobs

- The Animals Observatory

- Bobo Choses


Wardrobe basics parents need for their kid’s wardrobe?

"A good quality blouse or shirt. A selection of quality tops in classic colourways such as navy or white. Blue Denim jeans and a denim jacket which can be used to style over pretty dresses at times."





Favourite time of the year and why?

"Spring, because it is a fresh start to a new season and a whole new wardrobe to play with! I also love this season as you have more freedom to play with the layering of more items."


What do you love to do in your free time?

"Yoga - whenever I get the chance. It helps me re centre myself and allows me to focus on being a good mum. I love to spend time with my 3 year old son and lapping up the joy of watching him grow. And when I can I adore relaxing with a cup of coffee reading my new season fashion magazines!"

Did your career change after welcoming your son?

"A little in the sense that I no longer had the freedom to spend extra time on prep or post work and that I learnt very quickly to get things done faster and manage my time super efficiently."


What surprised you the most after becoming a mother?

"The unconditional love a child gives you and the remarkable feeling of how blessed I am. Also, the ability to snap into multi-tasking all the time."


What is it like working and being a mother?

"Exhilarating although at times it can be quite demanding, so being super organised really helps."







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