LMB FAMILY SERIES ft. Sara Douna Part 2

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 We got to know Sara Douna in our very first episode of the family series and now we are excited to hear more about her relationship and time with family during isolation!



What did it mean to you to stay home with family during the pandemic?

“Despite all the negative outcomes that have come of Covid19, for me and my family we luckily have enjoyed the time together, not to say that I wasn’t breaking up fights and mediating between children most days, I feel that I genuinely can say that there really was a silver lining (for us) to it all, the children learnt to really appreciate each other and they formed a really beautiful relationship. I personally got a greater insight to my son’s strengths and weaknesses in his school work and my husband and myself learnt to be creative with “us time”. And I think with this came a whole new perspective on what is and also what isn’t important to us.”


Now that some restrictions have lifted how are you coping, andhas your routine changed?

“We are soooo happy to be “back in action” the kids are back at school, so our usual routine is slowly coming back into order which has been welcoming, with some adjustments to what we typically did, particularly in regard to school work. I really want my kids to be the best version of themselves academically and having said before, now having an insight to my children’s strengths and weaknesses I can work with them to achieve this.”



Do you have any tips/ideas for other mums on how to keep their kids entertained without any technology?

“It’s starting to get cooler now, so our typical outside play has been brought inside, so keeping the kids busy while trying to avoid technology can be tricky. But I have put together a whole cupboard of activities that keep the kids occupied. These include tubs of LEGO, puzzles, playdoh, board games, kid games (that can be played by my 2yr old), card games like memory and snap etc, and also an art box. I do try to change things up to keep them interested every few weeks. I also get involved myself when I have a minute and set up an art activity, tea party or simply play a game of bingo. The kids love when we all play together.”


We admire how connected you are with your husband. Would you share with is the do’s and don’ts when it is not just the two of you?

“I’m sure I can speak for a lot of women when I say, I know how to read my husband’s mood. Charbel generally is a really happy guy who comes bouncing through the door but he also is an extremely hard working and busy man so if he has had a bad day, I know for that particular night I’ll compromise and do the “harder tasks” (such as deal with the toddlers tantrum) and leave him to the easier jobs because at the end of the day we are a team. You need to learn how to work together and read each other, otherwise everyone will have a melt down and we just don’t have time for that.

So in regard to the do’s; work together find a routine and designate roles so you know what you’re doing and everything gets done without it’s being chaotic, i.e I clean up dinner and my husband bath the kids.

Don’t; sit down (kidding) don’t argue in front of the children and be careful what you say in front of them because they repeat everything.”



How important is it to have time alone with your husband?

“Time with your significant other is a MUST.  Especially when you have children and if you ask any of my friends I’m the biggest advocate for “us time”. Why? Because dealing with children is like a job, and my husband is honestly like my college because we are constantly passing each other orders and jobs which isn’t necessarily the ideal ingredients to a romantic marriage. So, I made the decision from the time I had my second child to designate one weekend a month to “date night” I booked it in with our babysitter at the time for the first Saturday of every month, we would grab a Uber head into town for dinner and drinks we would laugh, chat, flirt and really just be irresponsible (to a degree) because we didn’t have the kids with us. It was the best thing we have started, and I actually believe we have never been closer because we have the opportunity to really just be together and appreciate each other like we did when we were kids.”



We know you love fashion and we would love to know if you help style your husbands outfits too?

“Absolutely I do, he is a guy, guy so I have to help direct him when it comes to trends, but he does have a pretty good eye and knows what suits him and what doesn’t so we work well together I think.”


How do you balance priorities as a mum and as a wife? Do you have “days off” with no kids?

“So when I was pregnant with my fourth child my husband and myself discussed getting an au-pair to help me at home as we would have 4 children under the age of 5 and with my husband working long hours we figured it was our only option so, luckily she has been amazing and really helps with me maintaining a balanced lifestyle.” 

How do you and your husband make the time to do activities with your kids together?

“We designate every Sunday to family day. Typically, we will attend church which the kids love, or we will throw the bikes and dogs in the car for a walk or go to the beach for a paddle board or simply go for a road trip. Our kids love being active, and we are pretty adventurous, so the kids are always happy to do whatever. I personally love the road trips because we really get the chance to talk together as a family.”


A quote by Meg McMillin.


“I know it can be hard to get up everyday and have these little people rely on you. I know it’s hard to feel like sometimes your world is so small. I want to remind you, you are the world that those little ones revolve around. You are their nurture, their home, their comfort. You are everything to them, and I hope, even on your hard days you know how special you are. Especially to your little people.”


Did you have any travel plans before the current situations hit? If yes how did you guys cope with the changes? Any travel plans for after Covid19?

“So, we were planning on a quick holiday to Bora Bora for our wedding anniversary midyear which unfortunately won’t be happening but not to worry I’m sure we will have another opportunity to go.”


Do you and your husband have weekend getaways/mini holidays together?

“Yes, usually for our birthdays and wedding anniversary we will have a night or two away. It’s nice to sleep in especially if we have a hangover.”


What is your favourite travel destination to go as a family or wish to go on?

“So, we have done lots of ‘close’ holidays not flying too far with the kids seeing they out number us now. But we are planning to take them to Europe possible next year when the baby is a little older. We were married in Greece and the priest requested our children to return to the church to be christened and now that we have completed our family I am longing to go back and have them blessed where we were married.”



Did you do much travelling prior to having your little bambini?

“Yes, we travelled a fair bit, and have seen a lot of the popular parts of the world which is great because we know where to take kids and where not to.” 


We would love to know how you keep your relationship young and fresh year after year with 4 beautiful bambini?

“To be completely honest, Charbel and I met young so I genuinely believe that we have carried that playful young spirited temperament throughout our entire relationship and I do pray that it never ends. We love mucking around with one another, we really know how to make each other laugh and the kids love watching us play around together and have a giggle at the silly things we do.”





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