Make memories with Tutu Du Monde AW21!

Run wild with Tutu Du Monde's drop #2.

Introducing the 'Avant Gardens' collection.

Come tiptoe with us through a secret garden, brim full of vibrant colour, and homegrown inspiration, to find the beauty we sometimes overlook, right in our own backyard.

Marvel at the colours, tones, textures and shapes as we imbue this stunning collection with the magic and wonder of the natural world around us. Think butterflies dancing through the air, leaves gently swaying in the breeze, and vibrant wild owers that brighten up the landscape.

Inspired by the poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and the rich and bountiful gifts available to us in nature, especially in the flora and fauna that surrounds us, Avant Gardens is a riot of colour, and orally inspired features whimsically combined. 


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