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Times like these make us understand the importance of being connected, sharing our stories and feeling inspired. This is why we wanted to create a space for some of the most inspiring women out there.
We are excited to launch our first episode with Fashion Fabulous Mum Sara Douna.
Welcome to the LM Bambini family Sara!


What’s a day like with Sara Douna. How does she do it?

"Motherhood is an amazing journey, a whirlwind of wonderful highs. Most days are filled with lots of laughter which generally includes naked bottoms running everywhere. But this to me is childhood. Natural, free and wild. Which is just how I believe it should be. 
But with that, comes the natural, free and wild hair, makeup and usually dress attire that mums relentlessly refer to. For me, it’s my “mum bun” and sportswear. 
However, although this is my typical dress choice for my Monday to Friday regime I do love taking the time to create fun and stylish looks for our weekend outing. For me, wearing beautifully designed pieces bring a whole new persona to my typical chaotic life, it brings expression, a sense of ownership, confidence and a general feeling of fabulousness. Which all mothers deserve because, being a mummy is hard work!"




A Little bit about Sara Douna. Who is she? 

Sara aka @saradouna is very passionate about her family, fashion and religion. Sara met her husband; Charbel, just before turning 17, they have been together for 15 years and married for 7. They have always dreamed about having 4 children and were blessed with exactly that. A son; Charbel and three daughters; Mila, Giselle and Sofia.



Sara’s Favourite Family Memory

Sara’s most favourite memory by far, one many mums can relate to, was the moment all her children gathered for a photo on the hospital bed with their new baby sister.

“I placed my youngest child Sofia in the arms of my eldest child Charbel and in that very second when I saw all 4 of my children gathered together my heart honestly exploded, to the point it still brings tears to my eyes. The feeling of fulfilment just completely overwhelmed me. I knew in that very minute I had everything I ever wished for.”



What is Sara’s Style?

Sara refers to herself as bi-polar when it comes to fashion as she doesn’t have a specific style in particular.

“One week I love everything feminine, crisp and classic then on the odd week I’ll pull out some very cool and casual looks such as bike short and a Gucci tee and try to rock a whole different look.”


With such stylish children we wanted to know who is your fashion inspiration was? Or if you had a stylist who helps out?

 SARA IS THE STYLIST and she absolutely loves it!


"It honestly gives me life and I could spend days on end putting together their little outfits, they are the cutest to dress up.
There are a few celebs on Instagram that I adore, in particular love Clementine McVeigh she is loud, colourful and always has something sparkly. She Does an incredible job at making everything look effortless. I honestly smile and love everything she posts."


What is your favourite Brand and why?

Sara finds a constant pull between Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna.

"Probably more Dolce as they always have the sweetest range, and mummy and me outfits from newborn size. The Dolce range is typically colourful and fun, my girls love wearing colourful floral dresses."


What do you do with the clothes afterwards?

"I’m not typically sentimental but I’ve kept each of their ‘going home’ from hospital outfits. Fortunately for my youngest two they both have the likes of Versace, dolce and Burberry to hold onto and to show their children one day."


What do you love about LM Bambini? 

"I love that you are Australian! We finally have a boutique at our fingertips for our babies, with such a large range of different designers with clothes that aren’t usually available in our typical Australian boutiques. I honestly believe we miss out on so much here in Australia, but thankfully you have made so much more designer labels available to us."



Your IG life really gets us inspired and happy; so fresh and beautiful, what’s your secret?

"Do they? I do take a few. No honestly, I enjoy being organised. Despite the current situation, I still strive to keep the family home organised and the kids in routine otherwise nothing gets done and we never get anywhere, and I feel that this is important because when things do eventually get back to normal it’s going to be another big change for the little ones so keeping in routine I think will be easier for the kids to adjust to again and we will be able to get back in to the swing of socialising and enjoying our beautiful country in some beautiful piece from LM Bambini of course!"



"Motherhood has a very stereotypical view, which basically refers to your life no longer being about you, but about your children, which is beautiful and unselfish but being a happier confident mummy has an even greater impact on your children."







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