Fields of Gold- Spring/Summer22

"We're calling all the free-spirits and boho babes, and inviting you to join our caravan of free-thoughts and open hearts to explore a world of mystical wonders of our creation. Fields of Gold draws you into a visionary world, inspired by intuitive and mystical women from around the globe.

We’ve channeled the worldly wisdom of those who like to live footloose and wander free. We’re taking the path less travelled to wherever our hearts desire; in celebration of freedom, liberty, and what happens when we release ourselves from the shackles of our gilded cages, and truly let intuition be our guide through life’s rich tapestry."

-Tutu Du Monde.

"Come marvel at this magical, mystical cornucopia of colours, textures, and lavish embellishments that will leave you longing to follow your wanderlust to the far-flung corners of the world. The focus of this collection is a treat for the senses, featuring bold tones and statement details, offset by sparkling jewels, shimmery sequins, and dazzling embroidery. Think lush layers hot pink tulle cascading into full, ruffled skirts, teamed with an oversized headdress in matching tones.

Imagine fitted bodices in hues of Silverlite, Crystal Pink and Shine Blue adorned with hand-applied sequins, gems, or appliqué, cinched at the waist, and sitting atop a lavish mille-feuille of fine tulle. Conjure up shades of vivid violet, mesmerising mint, and natural neutrals, crafted into beautiful bohemian silhouettes, and lovingly finished with hand-detailing.'


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