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"Balmain's latest Paris Fashion Week Collections is inspired by the liberating power of flight, Rousteing’s late-looking collection might actually be one of the designer’s strongest evocations to date of Balmain’s impressive, 75-year heritage— because for next season, Rousteing looks back to the very earliest moments of the house, noting that almost immediately after the triumph of Pierre Balmain’s first show, the house’s founder packed up his bags and began traveling.

Following the advice of his friend Gertrude Stein, he crisscrossed the entire United States to deliver lectures on French culture and savoir-faire. He also jumped across the Channel, bringing his fresh take on haute couture to London, six years after the outbreak of World War II had abruptly put an end to all imports of Parisian fashion. And, after an eight-day, multi-stop series of flights across half the globe, he touched down in Australia, bringing news of his “New French Style” to Down Under.

It’s very easy for us to understand the excitement that Pierre Balmain must have felt when, with the war only recently ended, he was suddenly offered the possibility of escaping to destinations that he had been dreaming about for years. Today, after a long and sometimes anxious period, we are all very much aware of the impressive power of travel to open minds, uplift spirits and reunite those who have been kept apart, as we all look forward to soon-to-arrive better days.

Channeling promises of adventure and excitement, Olivier Rousteing’s latest designs riff on the distinctive beauty found in the uniforms of early pilots and astronauts.

Olivier Rousteing and his team have smoothly translated the distinctive spirit and styles of their latest Paris Fashion Week presentation for the latest Balmain Kids collections."



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