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Reversible Quilt Monceau Mansion / Hot Air Balloons

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Next to Park Monceau, a picturesque mansion attracts all kinds of visitors. Madame bluebird has fashioned a nest on top of the building after carefully considering the prettiest place to call home. A handsome peacock and an antelope are having an enthusiastic conversation about their day, while a couple of smaller birds are eavesdropping from the next window. A chatty giraffe is eagerly attempting to befriend a cool cat sunning herself on the window sill. A family of geese gathers at the front door, a little nervous, unsure whether they can enter. A young elephant celebrates the friendship of all the inhabitants with a simple blue balloon. Welcome to the Monceau Mansion.

Atelier Choux’s reversible quilt (duvet) features our best-selling Hot Air Balloons and Monceau Mansion prints, allowing one to instantly change the nursery décor from one moment to the next.

- starts with 300 thread count Percale, a closely woven, fine cotton fabric, which is crafted in France specifically for Atelier Choux.

- Percale has a smooth, soft-touch feel and washes beautifully due to its closely-weave fibers, while at the same time being light and breathable.

- All of Atelier's printing is done France, using water-based, certified inks that are locked into their fabric.

- Features a 300g/m² polyester fill for a duvet that can be used year round, from chilly nights to warm summers.

- In line with safety guidelines on creating a bare sleeping environment for infants, Atelier Choux recommends its quilts for children over 18 months old.

- Machine wash delicate with white colors, on a normal or warm cycle (30ºC). Air dry. Ironing is possible (but not at all necessary) at a low temperature.

Dimensions: 100 × 130 cm (39.4˝ x 51.2˝)

Colour: Multicolor

Made In: France

Item ID: 3012051231019

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