Magnetic Pad - T REX

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Product Description:

Designed for beginners to learn the basics of T. REX, including the skin and bones of the Tyrannosaurus rex magnetic puzzle, anatomy card. Our mPad (magnetic pad) can replace the iPad and keep kids away from the screen. It can also be easily hung or placed on a stand, so it is ideal for kids to play everywhere.

Product Highlights:

encourage a love of learning; better and easier for beginning learners to obtain common knowledge and build up skills; brings learnings to everyday life for children; great for the hands on learner; a trial-and-error way to obtain knowledge; screen-free time play; easy to carry and store; green lifestyle, safer for kids and the Earth;

Age: 3+

Size: 35cm1cm24.5cm

Material: Paper & Magnetic & Cotton Contain: Magnetic Pad X1, Magnets X73, Card X1, Holder X1

 Made In: China

Item ID: ME0543

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