Why you should let your Bambini pick their outfit

As your child grows up it is crucial that they develop social skills and their understanding of other people. This is something they learn through their peers and friends and overtime you would notice how your child’s taste in clothes and music, for example, have a lot to do with other children she or he knows. Your child will try to fit in with them and be able to do what they do. More importantly,  it is extremely important for your little one to have the freedom to express themselves as they learn the most valuable lessons in life when interacting with others. One way for them to do this is through their choice in clothing. Although they might mismatch outfits and combine colours that aren’t exactly your liking, they will develop a richer sense of how to express the best thing they know so far themselves.

Let’s encourage independence, after all, this is what our little ones thrive on and is a part of their character that’s worth cultivating early on. So why not build on this notion gradually- neither limiting their choices nor giving them too much and guide them in the parts of their lives where they need us and allowing them to discover who they are in their own way. 

Stella McCartney AW18 Collection




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