Why is Christmas so Special ?

Christmas is Special 

Christmas is a time of joy, celebration and most importantly, reflection. For some people it is about showering others in gifts, for some, it is about reflecting on a time once spent with loved ones who are no longer with them. Christmas can bring back happy memories but also sad ones. Christmas can be spent on the street, in a church, at an orphanage, in a house, in more than 160 countries around the world and by big and small families. People travel to the other side of the world just to see their family and friends for that ONE day. 

It is crazy to think how big Christmas has become and how special it is to some people. It is that one day we remember the most. 

A Small Gesture That Made a Big Difference 

Today I was sitting at the food court in an airport, waiting for my delayed flight. This stranger next to me told me to just sit down, breathe and enjoy this moment you have by yourself. This made me forget the frustration of my 4 hour delayed flights. We started talking about Christmas and she had told me that her brother was in hospital and that he won't make it home in time for Christmas. She told me we all need to be mindful of those who are less fortunate this time of year and that how lucky we are to spend it with family and be surrounded by people we love. I sat there in awe as this lady was just a stranger to me yet we had this strong connection as we conversed. She resonated so much joy and positivity. Once our conversation had ended, we said our goodbyes, wished each other well and she mentioned that she had never bought Krispy Kreme's ever in her life and today was the first day she was going to bring back a box home to her family.

5 minutes later she comes back to the table where I am sitting and hands me a Krispy Kreme bag with a doughnut inside. I couldn't believe that this lady was so kind, thoughtful and caring to a stranger. To me, this is what Christmas is about.

Although the gesture was small, it made a huge impact. 



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