The VAMFF: Kids Fashion Runway showcased an array of popular kids fashion labels such as Bardot Junior, Kenzo, CHI KHI, Lonsdale and many more but the most exciting part is that LM Bambini were given the opportunity to be apart of the show too, backstage, front row seats and of course, the runway!


It was an experience that we will never forget but the biggest highlight of the day was watching our models strut their stuff in our favourite items from the LM Bambini collection! We were overwhelmed with the amazing talent and theatrical performance produce by such young people and captivated by how beautiful and confident the children were as they walked down that runway in front of hundreds of people. 

The week leading up to the event had the LM Bambini team running around like crazy trying to choose pieces for the runway as we only had a certain amount of outfit looks to showcase. We doubted ourselves with the final looks wondering if we had chosen too many formal outfits, not enough casual or too many casual not enough formal, should we of added accessories? does this jacket go with that dress? should we of paired this top with those pants? shoes? and felt nervous/excited/tired/happy/stressed before the show but once we saw our models rock our statement pieces they left us extremely happy with the outcome! 

Once the show had ended we compared ourselves with the other brands and were surprised that we felt more confident with LM Bambini and what we could bring to the industry, its not that we thought that we were better, its that we realised that we were different! LM Bambini is unique in a way that we provide casual and formal clothes, boys, girls and baby items, plain and unique prints.

If you want to see more footage of the show will be uploading photos to our Instagram and Facebook page, so make sure to like and follow our pages to stay updated!





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