I first stumbled across ValMax while looking for a special piece for my eldest son. As my concept for LM Bambini began to bloom i decided to take make contact with the company. While in Italy last September I went and met with the wonderful and experienced team at ValMax (also a family owned business), located in Bari in the south of Italy.

The company is run by husband and wife team Francesco and Patricia, with Francesco overseeing the business side of things and Patricia the creative director. the company was founded by Francesco's parents over 55 years ago (both now retired) and like myself named their business ValMax after their two eldest sons (Francesco was not born at this stage).

Over the last 55 years they have established themselves as one of the top children's brands in Italy and Europe. I should also add that all their clothes are made in their very own factory in Bari. They also manufacture clothing for Stella McCartney kids and Gucci. 

I have not seen quality like this before, the care and detail that can be seen in every piece of clothing is remarkable. You will not find anything like this in Australia unless it is made to order. 

if you want style and quality look no further than ValMax. You can't go wrong. 





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