Valentines Day with My Bambini

For many years now, Valentine’s Day has always been about celebrating with your romantic and friend relationships. But now that you’re a mama, there are many more fun and different ways to celebrate with the most adorable Valentine in your life- your little Bambini’s!


From running around the kitchen, to them jumping on the bed and finally putting them to sleep, we deserve to change up the routine a little, even if it means spending a few hours away from home.


So, we’ve created a list for you, with the top 3 things to go check out over the next few days.


  1. Trip to the Grounds.

This year love is in the air at the Grounds of Alexandria, with striking iridescent colours and beautiful flowers surrounding glistening archways at every turn. It is the perfect little getaway to take the Bambinis to enjoy and frolic through the magical floating bubbles in the air; but time your visit just right as its on daily only between 9-11am



  1. Indulge with a sweet tooth.

All year round you’re up early making breakfast for your Bambinis, so change it up and treat yourselves to a colourful breakfast at The Social Hideout Café that you’ll all enjoy. At one of Sydney’s popular cafes the choices of sweet and savoury will impress everyone. Especially with their famous Taro hotcakes!




  1. Every occasion is a photo Op!

They say family photos gives your home a little bit of character… So, take the opportunity to take the kids out for a family portrait. It’ll express and capture the love within the family and what better time to do it than during Valentine’s day. Anything that’ll allow you to suit up and get dressed is a good idea. Plus, who doesn’t love a good dress up!


You’ll also find that the new Spring Summer 2020 collection was recently released with Moschino introducing the most adorable pieces for your little Bambini’s. Just in time for Valentine’s day, tees with scattered hearts and others with bears and balloons, you can find something for any personality.


Moschino’s toy teddy has been a mascot for the label’s playful style for as long as we can remember and so for this collection the cheeky little bear is the star for their latest collection but with a twist of Valentine’s day love.


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Author: Natasa Draca

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