Trends for kids fashion this summer!

Where did this year go! Summer is upon us, meaning days spent out in the sun, at the park and the beach however, it also means a change in wardrobe to suit the warmer weather so LM Bambini have discovered the latest trends for kids fashion this summer, get your Bambini’s ready to splash into this season with fun, colourful and bright outfits from your favourite fashion labels.

Colour: Designers are throwing away the dark tones and bringing fresh new colours to kids clothing.

Dolce & Gabbanna SS17

Prints: Get inspired by prints, big or small, on tops, pants, shorts or skirts! Fill your Bambini’s wardrobe with prints to get into the spirit of Summer.  

Floral: When we think of summer we think of surrounding ourselves in the beauty of nature. That’s why florals are one of the timeless fashion trends for girls of all ages simply because it makes us feel beautiful, so go crazy with floral prints!

Stella McCartney SS17

Urban unisex style: This style is for all the busy mothers who have two minutes to throw something together, oh who am I kidding, this style is for all mothers! Mix and match, blouses or shirts, shorts or pants; these clothes will assist the skin to breathe and keep your kids cool, perfect for a visit to the park or play dates.

Pinco Pallino SS17


Features on garments: It’s safe to say whenever there are features on clothing, whether that be, pockets, cap sleeves, patches and so on, it makes our job so much easier when dressing our bambini’s. Features make a plain shirt go from a 3 to a 6! so keep your eye open for these types of garments this summer.

Tuchinda SS17


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