Our favourite Halloween costumes!

If you’re excited about Halloween like us, you are most likely spending the week struggling to put together a last minute costume. That’s why LM Bambini have put the hard work in for all you parents out there.

Embrace the spooky season with our favourite Halloween outfits!

Dress your little one in this Tutu Du Monde’s Batty onesie, Take Flight Cape and headband to create a Maleficent inspired costume! Perfect for a Halloween party. 

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What I love about this hooded cape is that it is convenient for all the different type of mothers out there. If your the 5 minute to shower, dress and prepare the whole family for an event type, you can simply pop this hooded cape over your Bambini's outfit to create a Halloween costume in seconds.

or if you're the creative type, go all out and be inspired by this chilling Fallen Angel costume.



For a vampire look style your Bambini in a stunning red tutu dress and pair it with Aquazzura mini ballet flats to ensure your child is comfortable while trick or treating.


We have also put together some awesome outfits for the boys!
Dress your Bambini in Stella McCartney’s bandit sweater and create a dare devil costume! Pair it with black ripped jeans to add to the inspired grunge look.

 This outfit is perfect as its stylish but you can also turn it into a costume, just add ears and dress your Bambini as a Tiger.


If you have more ideas on Halloween outfits leave a comment on our Instagram page!

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