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As a mother of two beautiful bambini’s, L (aged 6) and M (9 months), I know how important it is find those special, one-of-a-kind pieces for our favourite little people to adorn and enjoy. Frustrated by a lack of accessible, quality, luxury, designer childrenswear here at home, I decided to create an online boutique of high-end miniature garments from some of fashion’s best loved labels - carefully curated by yours truly!

Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your phone and stumble upon a picture of you in something that you wore years ago and you either cringe or smile but, at that very moment, memories of that day come flooding back and you find yourself in a state of nostalgia. This is when you know that your clothes were nothing short of elegant because fashion at its best is an art that creates these powerful personal connections. That's why at LM Bambini we pride ourselves in providing our customers with unique, timeless products so you can create these special moments for your little one. 

 At LM Bambini we also understand that Mothers and fathers have so much pressure to meet the expectations of a culturally ‘normal’ parent. There is the stress of school, travel, food and living expenses and just not enough time to relax and when we do sacrifice a few minutes our minds aren’t focused on what is right in front of us which is, our children. You find yourself wondering why every other parent around you is doing a better job, when in actual fact they are struggling just as much as you are. This notion in particular is why we wanted to create a website that was more than just an online kid’s store. We want to create a gateway to connect with all parents on a personal level to not only satisfy our costumers’ expectations but to also produce a space where parents can relate to one another through our blog posts which also offers advice, tips and ideas.Our products of course, are the main focus of our site and since traveling to Europe, we have gathered high quality garments from the most popular fashion labels from around the globe.

Despite being faced with many challenges since the opening of LM Bambini, we have been offered an array of opportunities such as holding our first trunk show in Melbourne, to teaming up with several notable fashion labels such as Dolce & Gabbana, Kenzo, Fendi, Sunuva, Valmax and many more, we've also spoke with Tammin Sursok and featured in magazines. As you can see we have had an amazing journey so far, and we hope you could be apart of it by joining us at the One Fine Baby Family + Lifestyle fair. This 2-day event will be held in the Royal Hall of Industries at Moore Park in Sydney, bringing together the most popular brands. Our stall will be holding a competition for our costumers for LM Bambini's 1st Birthday! Don't miss out on a great prize and get your hands on our unique garments for your little one. 


xx Natalia

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