This season we thought it would be awesome to introduce Mini-me sets by Sunuva! Now if you are wondering what we mean by "Mini-me" just take a look at the photo below!


Cute? well, we definitely think YES! Not only is it adorable for you and your bambini to dress the same, matching sets make the perfect gift and with Christmas around the corner what better way than to surprise your hubby and your little one with this set! (kill two birds with one stone...WINNING!) 

But wait... there's more! We also have a gorgeous Sunuva dress for you mummas out there to match your bambini! so any dads who are reading this right now... you might want to write this on the gift list *wink wink*   

So be sure to make your way to the New Collection page where you will find the full range of Sunuva SS19! you really don't want to miss out on this collection... seriously!




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