How to dress your Bambini for an event

Let’s face it, when dressing a boy for an event we sometimes find that our options are limited, it can be easier to dress them (Long pants and a button up shirt...simple) but what is missing is a fun and stylish look that we often focus more on girls. So the next time you receive an invitation for an event just use our style guide to have them looking delightfully sharp.

Blazer with T-shirt 

To save you the stress of having to chase your Bambini around while buttoning up a shirt, just chuck on a playful t-shirt with a blazer and light pants to ensure your Bambini is comfortable yet stylish at an event. Don't forget to coordinate colours, you don't want them looking like a clown (unless that is the theme of the party of course) 


Blazer, top and pants available on our website

Blazer and Shorts

You will see alot of outfits with blazers in this post but that is because you can literally make a casual outfit look super dressy just by adding a blazer! Just like this one below.

What I love most about this outfit is the shorts, I know for many of you that shorts are just a no-go especially for a classy event  but lets go against tradition and see how many kids will be wearing shorts at the next function (Start a new trend!)

Blazer, shorts, button shirt is available on our website


Throw out the tie and add a bow tie, a hat, suspenders or anything that will give a traditional outfit some edge. 




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