Holiday Tips

Our kids school holidays are fast approaching which means we have to organise two months of fun and adventures! It may seem like a lot to handle but we have put together a list of Holiday essentials to take the stress away. Our director Natalia who knows what it is like to travel overseas with not one but two kids, has given us some great tips to share with all those hard working mummas out there.
1. Don't overpack
A great hack is to pack your kids clothes by day in plastic zip-lock bags with labels. That way you don't over pack on your kids clothing and won't have to lug around such a huge suitcase. 
2. Airport time – check-in online
This is a must! I can't think of anything worse than waiting in a big line with restless kids yelling in your ear. So try minimise spending time waiting in line and check in online then all you have to do is hit the bag drop and get through security 
3. Brand ‘em and track ‘em!
A parents worse nightmare is losing their child ESPECIALLY on holidays that is why is it vital to brand them by writing your name and phone number somewhere such as their arm. You can also invest in a GPS tracking device. Attach it your child's wrist and follow along via app. 
4. Pool vs. sea
Your little one might be mesmerised by the look of a beach but once they actually get to swim in one their mind might change. Consider making sure there's a pool where you are staying, that way your little one can feel comfortable with splashing around. 
5. Baby carriage vs. stroller vs. sling
Now this all depends on where you're going. You have to consider if the streets will be paved and even or if it will be extremely humid or fairly cool. An all-around option is a light stroller. They are easy to travel with, they can be used a temporary bed and most importantly they're light and breathable but can also be insulated with blankets and a rain cover and are reliable on almost all terrain.
6. Sun Protection Swimwear
Stylish ones too ;)  by SUNUVA

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