Escape to the ethereal world of Tutu Du Monde

Tutu Du Monde's  Winter's Tale collection is full of fun and magical dresses allowing our little ones to lose themselves in another place and time! What we love the most about Tutu Du Monde is that each dress tells a story with its intricate sequins, embroidery and patterns. 

The Enchanted Goddess dress will have your little one feel like a magical fairy fluttering around in the woods. This dress is perfect for a themed birthday party! We also have patching hair clips to complete this look.

Is your Bambini a wallflower? let them escape their comfort zone in the bright and bold Arctic Flower dress. This dress is perfect for a weekend event, its lightweight fabric will allow your little one to feel comfortable and playful while you get to enjoy your night with friends. 

If your little one loved the film Frozen then they will love this Ice Maiden dress. So get ready to listen to 'Let it go' as your Bambini will feel like shes Elsa! To complete this look, pair this dress with the Dahlia Shrug. 


So inspire your little girl and allow them to discover the whimsical world of make-believe and click the link below!





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