Don't Lose Heart!

In recent days, with a greater need to find some indoor entertainment, I found myself rummaging through the board game’s cupboard. I came across an old and well-known favourite “Snakes & Ladders”.

While making my way through the game with my bambini’s, I began to realise what a great parallel this game is to our life of parenting.  Just when you start climbing ladders and getting ahead – whether it be with sleep routines, household chores, diet or just getting dressed and out the door - often, before you realise, you find yourself sliding right back where you started.

Don’t lose heart! We, too often witness the tantrums that come along with setbacks in life – coming alongside our bambini’s to encourage them to keep trying and be positive. When it’s our turn to face setbacks, the only thing we can do is to keep rolling the dice and taking our turn…..we’ll get there in the end – just remember you are not alone!

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