Disneyland essentials!

When packing for your first Disneyland trip there are many things you need to consider. You need to think about you would wear during a summer vacation but also be comfortable as you will be walking for MILES and you need to look cute as you will be taking pictures that you will have forever and even though the weather may say its hot, ensure you pack a jumper or even a poncho because the nights can get cold and even rainy! 

So before travelling to Disneyland CHECK THE WEATHER! because the outfit you choose on the day will be the outfit you will be wearing all day and all night. The key is comfort and layers... and a backpack. 

Lets take a look at some of the comfortable yet trendy looking outfits for your little one to wear to Disneyland! 


Although there are shops in Disneyland where you can buy the essentials such as sunscreen, band aids and food, the prices may be more expensive than just bringing your own from home or from a third party! and whilst your in Disneyland you want to try save as much money as you can and where you can especially when travelling as a family. Here's a list of some of the essential things you may want to consider packing before the trip! 

Portable Charger!

Since you will most likely be out of the hotel room for the whole day ensure you bring a portable charger. The last thing you want is getting your phone out to take a picture of something AMAZING at Disneyland and then suddenly...it dies 


That California sun can get HOT! and you want your family to be sun safe as much as possible especially because you will be outside all day.


Our little ones can get sudden nose bleeds or the sniffles, so ensure you make those tissues for those sudden emergencies! 

Hand sanitiser!

With thousands of people at the park, germs will be EVERYWHERE! so be safe and bring sanitiser. 

Pepto Bismol!

In case the food at Disneyland disagrees with your tummy, you will be glad you packed upset stomach relievers! The last thing you want is to end your trip to Disneyland early due to an upset belly. 


Obviously this isn't something you will pack! but it is good to know how you can get a stroller whilst in Disneyland. It is recommended to hire one from a third party as Disney prices are higher and you may not be able to bring it back to the hotel.

Extra socks! 

Yes it is random, but extra socks can come in handy! whilst your little one is on a water ride and they happen to get SOAKED from head to toe, you won't have to hear the complaints of wet socks


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