Birthday outfit ideas

When you realise your Bambini’s birthday is around the corner you either find yourself in a state of joy or… extreme stress, because let’s face it! Gone are the days where a clown and a few balloons were considered a big deal at parties but now they have become so extreme and outrageous, us mothers must choose if we should follow the trend or not. However, it is hard when birthday parties are not only embedded in local culture but also human nature therefore there is a lot of pressure to meet those norms and not wanting to disappoint our bambini’s. At the end of the day, parties may drive us mad but we don’t want to send a message that our kid isn’t as important as other children and the temptation to go all-out, EVERY YEAR, is hard to resist SO to help you out, the LM Bambini team  have put together a few outfit ideas, that way you can spend less time on the outfits and more time on the party! 

 Tropical Theme

For a tropical theme you want to either dress your Bambini white to stand out or colourful to blend in, either will look great. If you were to go colourful make sure the print has something associated to the decorations. For instance, the party theme below is a tropical theme therefore I chose  two Dolce & Gabanna dresses that had a tropical print, or close too at least. 

Hawaiian Tropical Birthday Party Inspiration


Mermaid, Bohemian theme

For this theme anything from  TUTUDUMONDE will be perfect! These dresses are dreamy, fun and playful just like this party below. Make sure to stick with colours associated with the decorations. 


Colourful Theme

Just like the tropical theme party, you want your bambini to either stand out or blend in. I went for a casual look just because sugar + child = chaos so you want your bambini to wear comfortable playful clothing. 

Colourful Candy Party



Monochrome Theme

When it comes to Monochrome themed parties best to collate the colours of your bambini's outfit to the decorations. Although there is no harm in adding a pop of colour! 

Mochromatic Space Party


Toy Theme

For this theme in particular I have chosen black and grey as the dominant colours with a dash of colour to correlate with the LEGO decoration. I chose a shirt that alludes to 'games' as LEGO is a toy that kids play with. This is a really fun theme and you can do so much with it and still make it look classy. 

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Super Hero Theme

Although we don't stock costumes you can always create something with our pieces just like what I have done below. Colour blocking is the key to creating an awesome outfit for this theme. Becketts-8thBirthday-84


Hopefully these outfits will inspire you to create an awesome birthday outfit for your Bambini. Think outside of the box and make your Bambini's next birthday one remember.






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