Atelier Choux has arrived

We are excited to announce that LM Bambini now stock Atelier Choux. Offering elegant and functional essentials, Atelier Choux prides themselves for their ambition to meld art and artisanship. They take great care with their production in France, where their processes are environmentally and socially conscious and conform to the highest European standards. 


"We start with GOTS certified organic cotton in order to ensure a base free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton fiber is also thicker, feels softer (due to less chemical damage during growth) and hypo-allergenic compared to conventional cotton fibers. Organic cotton also consumes half the level water of water during production. Organic cotton fibers are also bleached with safe peroxide instead of chlorine bleach. Our cotton is safe for those who wear it but also for those who grow it.

Further down the production chain, our fabrics are tested with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I method that certifies the absence of harmful substances.

The cotton we use is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) by Eco-Cert, which ensures the organic status of textiles from harvesting of the raw materials, through manufacturing responsible for a socially and environmental. This certification applies in our case to the spinning operations, sizing, weaving, tailoring, bleaching, washing, scraping and drying.

The inks we use are water-based and therefore are safe for babies.

Our packaging is manufactured in France and is 100% recyclable"

Each Atelier Choux carré inspires a short story  with unlimited potential for the imagination.




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