A look into the Kenzo kids aw19 collection!

This season Kenzo kids has been inspired by the cinematographic universe explored by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon season after season, this winter KENZO Kids dedicates its collection to the seventh art. This is a real tribute to the brand: cool and playful, audacious and trendy. From superheroes to The Jungle book, from Marvel to Miyazaki, animation is in the spotlight. An inspired trilogy where KENZO Kids widens its range of materials. 



In the first part of this trilogy, Super Kenzo deploys on the big screen its urban universe with fantastic traces. Between New York, Paris and Tokyo, silhouettes show a combination of sophisticated and sporty elements where warps and weft and knit play the lead role against jersey and cotton fleece. 

Glints highlights the superpowers of boys and girls and give to the iconic Eye a bionic vision. 

Girls Look is coming soon! 


In the second part, we dive into the Jungle Book. The rainforest deploys its colours; the green tone is in the spotlight. A pyramid of wild beast coming from the memento 3 collection is displayed on the sweatshirts: Tiger and friends have made plenty of new mates! The panther lends its printed pattern to new and unseen colours. In regards to fabrics, there is a contrast between vegetal prints, where nylon and viscose shine like foliage. 

For girls, the pink and orange tones emerge in response to vivid green colours. 

For boys, the indigo and navy blue colours play hide-and-seek with the green tones. 

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In the last part of the trilogy, we are heading for Japan. This time, in a Miyazaki's fantastic atmosphere, girls and boys decide to take their own way. However, they still agree on one thing: They all lobe dragons. 

For the girls collection, the dragons are in love with the flowers... and that looks good. That is because they have a strong personality: with all petals out, they pay tribute to the Kenzo Takada flowers. 

Boys show their love to dragons from the bottom of their shoes up to the top of their hat. Alone or even in droves all-over, dragon is daring. 

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